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Zhejiang Jinshen Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd

Jinshen machinery is an innovative  manufacturer of paper tube and paper straw solutions based in Zhejiang Province, China. Started his business in 1995 and quickly became a major exporter of economic and reliable paper tubes and straws manufacturing machines.
Main products: paper straw related machines,paper tube machine,paper tube cutting machines, paper tube processing machines,etc.
Our strategic mission is to providing perfect different kinds of paper tube and paper straw solutions,trying our best to protect environment,providing superior value to our customers.Our R&D center is always looking for a better producing quality for our customers and put efforts in automatic eco-friendly product solutions.
Please do not hesitate to contact for solutions for textile industry, for construction industry, for motor parts industry, for electrical parts industry, for logistics company, for food packaging industry, for luxury packaging industry.

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