Paper tube making solution for Film industry

Making procedures for seamless top grade paper tube:

1、 Jumbo paper roll to be slit and re-winded : Paper material(cardboard paper) should be with proper thickness、low water holdup、flat surface. For face paper ,should be 230Gsm Anti-explosion paper; slit both two kinds of paper into paper reel with needed sizes.

2、Tube winding: Glued paper reels were being winded into paper tube through spiral paper tube machine , the overfolded part for face paper Less than 3mm, tube makeing length longer than 1000mm.

3、Tube drying :Put finished paper tubes into dry room,until the paper water content less than 10%.

4、Tube polishing: Put dried paper tube into polish machine, it will Auto conduct  processes of grinding、waxing、polishing .

5、Tube re-cutting: to re-cut mother tube into needed length.

6、End grinding and curling: To process ends of tube by tube processing machine.

Paper slitting re-winding machine、 Paper tube machine、Paper tube drying room、Paper tube polishing machine、Paper tube cutting machine、Paper tube grinding&curling machine.

Above are  Full set equipment for  a production line.