Paper Roll slitter rewinder SR-1600

  • Paper Roll Slitter Rewinder
  • 2017/06/28

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Suitable for all kinds of craft paper 、tea paperboard、grass paperboard 、calico and art paper.


1、Cutting with double cutter, the cut is smooth and tidy.

2、Adopt rewinding by single shaft, tight paper reel and big diameter paper reel

3、Up and down both shafts rotate.

4、Equipped with computerized error correction system, auto correction

5、Equipped auto paper tension control, keep the same tension from small size to big size all the time when rewinding.

6、Uploading by Hydraulic device shaftless.

7、Adopt PLC controller, colorful touching screen - main-machine interface


Max-slitting width 1600mm
Min-slitting width 35mm
Max-unwind diameter 1500mm
Min-rewind diameter 1300mm
Speed of slitting 0-300m/min
Slitting capability 60-700g
Winding way Air expansion winding
Blade No 21Sets
Paper giving wayby hydraulic clamping
Speed Regulation control Inverter
Power input Custom


Unwinder:L*W*H 3900mm*1800mm*1000mm
Rewinder:L*W*H 3000mm*1500mm*1500mm
Up-blade specification 2*110*75mm
Down-blade specification 4*110*75mm
Total weight 4000Kgs

Drive system

Mainframe power 11KW WANNAN
Mainframe wheeling speed 960R/Min
Liquid compression motor 1.5KW
way of correctin edge Hydraulic
Driving way Driving chain synchronous
Bearing WANMA
Collect scrollPolyurethan rollers

Control system

PLC Controller DELTA
Man machine interface Colour touch screen Weinview 6070i
Program Version JS-SR2.0
Actuator CHNT
Signal component OMRON
Pneumatic component AIRTAC
Inverter YASKAWA 15KW
Hydraulic systemDEKEMA (Taiwan)

Outfit assemble

Loading material Hydraulic clamping type
Unloading material Hydraulic
Edge correcting motorScrew correction automatically
Meter Counting Auto
Tension adjust magnetic powder tension control system, Auto &Manual
Taper chuck 3 Inches

Enclosed component

Application tool

Air gun( 1pc),T-end spanner(1pc) , Cooling box (1pc)

 The locking  cap wrench(1pc),Inner six angle wrench set, 

Abuckle plate, The gass nozzle 2

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